Cooperative Response Center (CRC)


Austin, MN

Conceptual design of this 12,000 SF facility was estimated to cost $1.9 million with a budget of $1.5 million.  Joseph went to work on re-design and saved CRC thousands by squaring the perimeter dimensioning, while keeping the architectural storefront intact.  Joseph also worked with civil engineers on making reasonable compromises to sub base, aggregate base, and bituminous requirements.  The result was a contract value of $1,431,000 and final cost of $1,396,000, or $35,000 savings for our client.  This 24-hour high tech call center is a first response dispatch service communicating with remote security devices nationwide.  The building contains state-of-the-art data and communication systems, along with back-up generation.  CRC has continued to work with Joseph for future expansion at their Austin headquarters and other remote locations.